The nursery of Allemo House is widely known in Russia and beyond her limits among admirers of breed the German shepherd. Our dogs live except Russia in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia. The main direction - breeding work with the improvement purpose the eksteryernykh and working qualities of pets.

We consider the main achievement gratitude of owners of our dogs who get loyal friends and bring up champions.


Allemo House will always help owners of puppies with the subsequent education and training, will consult concerning food and health of the pet, will prepare for exhibition actions. Will prompt solutions of problems at any stage of growing of an animal.


Our dogs have proved to be as magnificent security guards, loyal and devoted friends.


Very clever, easily giving in to training and sociable sheep-dog will be a loyal friend, the fearless defender for all family members. Our pets have good health, a magnificent exterior. All puppies have necessary inoculations, they clean and well-groomed, have undergone planned processing from parasites.